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And now for something completely different...Stitchcraft Pumpkin Stencil!

Inspired by Amber over on my Patreon VIP Discord! They asked if they could use my logo to make a pumpkin carving....of course my answer was yes. But then instantly inspiration hit and I wanted to whip up a cross stitch related pumpkin stencil. And was born. Thank you Amber for igniting my creative spark ⚡️

Slice it any way you like!

Pattern comes with some tips on transferring the stencil to your pumpkin, along with my favourite method!

I would call this an intermediate carve as there are some smaller lines. You definitely want to make sure your pumpkin skin is thick enough to hold the structure of the smaller lines. I really hope to see someone tackle this. If you do be sure to tag me on instagram!

Find the carving stencil here.


Frightfully Yours,

The Witchy Stitcher


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