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Cross Stitch for the Strange & Unusual

Welcome to The Witchy Stitcher!

In this glorious underbelly of the cross stitch world you will find crafts tinged with darkness. From gothic and horror cross stitch patterns, to felt anatomy creatures to mystery boxes!

The main focus of The Witchy Stitcher is cross stitch, but nobody puts a witch in a box and gets away with it. I create what excites me and love to dabble in a variety of mediums and always work to challenge myself.

We are working to expand the shop to carry scissors, needleminders, stitching tools, fabrics and more. Something you would like to see us carry? Let us know!

The Witchy warehouse is always growing and expanding and you never know what will hit the the shelves next.

Until then keep your eye on the site and be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss any grave shattering news....

Stay Spooky!

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Cindy Haake
Cindy Haake
28 ก.พ. 2563

love your website and can't wait to get my kit.

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