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How To Age Your Cross Stitch ~ Antique Gothic Finish

Give your stitch a gothic tombstone vibe with paint, it's easier than you think!


Watercolour paint

Paintbrush Water


I prefer to use a water brush instead of a regular paintbrush. The water brushes make things go a little faster since you don't have to keep dipping in water! You can find them here.

My preferred brands of water-colour paints are Pentel, Koi or Prang. I find the cheaper paints work better on fabric, which is a major bonus!


(Video at the end)

Step One:

Wash and iron your stitch if you need to, you won't be able to do so after you paint it!

Step Two:

Dilute the water-colour paint with water, dabbing excess off onto your rag. Start of with a light wash of your color to see how it will absorb into your fabric. Test a small area on an edge of your fabric that will be hidden. This will help you get the feel

Step Three:

Let's do this! Beginning at the base of each letter or element pull down streaks of the watered down paint trailing off as you go. I like to start with a light wash and then build up areas of paint where I would like it to be darker. This allows you to control the effect as you cannot erase your paint!

I like to work in layers letting each coat of paint dry, then I go back into areas to darken them up to create more contrast and depth. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying to see your results.

See the video below for the technique, beyond that just go crazy! If you are feeling stuck on how to approach it take a look at pictures of old tombstones and signs for inspiration.

Salem Remembered Pattern - HERE

Sweet Dreams Pattern - HERE

We Are The Weirdos Mister Pattern - HERE

Stay Wicked!

The Witchy Stitcher

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