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The Coffins Are Creaking ⚰️

If you’ve been around these spooky parts lately you may have noticed some changes to the site. All will be revealed in only a few days!

We‘ve been working away behind the scenes creating a little bit of dark magic and clearing up some cobwebs....even though we love their ambience 🕸

In the meantime while you wait it utter suspense I’m sure 🤪 See that little Log In button in the top right? You can get a jump on the new venture and create your account now! For what? Well if we told you that we wouldn‘t be being so cryptic. Hehe get it...crypt.

Well that terrible pun is a sign it’s late and have been at this for far too long for one day. It’s night and I must go feed 🧛‍♀️

Stay tasty!

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