The Witchy Stitcher has been on Etsy since it opened on Dec 31 2017. We are grateful to Etsy for giving us our start, but our time with the marketplace is coming to and end. The 2018 fee hike hurt many sellers, us included. We couldn't justify hiking our prices to make up for the 43% fee increase, so we took the hit. This is nothing against, Etsy, we still love it and think it is an excellent platform!

But more importantly it is YOU who made this possible. So thank you for your continued support, encouragement and love. I am so grateful to all of you.

So what does this mean?

  1. Less fees for us means we can pass those savings on to you!

  2. More frequent sales!

  3. Cheaper shipping!

  4. Increased product range!

  5. Less fees means more flow for increased inventory.

For now only digital patterns and kits are available on Etsy. In time we will likely see those disappear as well. Fabric, scissors, stitch witch boxes, etc are exclusively on our website.


In the top right you will now see a 'Log In' area. Here you can create an account and keep track of your purchase history. This space will also come in handy for future Stitch Witch Boxes as you can save your payment/address information for a super speedy checkout! As most of you know those boxes usually sell out in 10-20 minutes.

Mobile Users - your login button is on the menu, just touch the three bars!

Don't worry the site is SSL Certified and encrypted for your security.


The cobwebs of the old blog have been cleared and this one is in place! This isn't going to be me just rambling about new releases or what I had for lunch that day. This space is going to start to see tutorials and special content. The frequency of this is unknown at this time but I do have some pretty big plans. You MIGHT even see a YouTube video!

What are you waiting for huh? Check it out! www.thewitchystitcher.com/shop

Stay Spooky Kittens!

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