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Cross Stitch Kit


Supernatural WOOD CUTS! I am so excited about these, this project has been in the works since February 2022. Keeping it a secret has been a struggle. All of the Supernatural creeptures are available. A total of 16 to choose from. Custom made for me by April of @crossedinstitchesUSA


Available Creatures:

★ Siren

★ Werewolf

★ Zombie

★ Jinn

★ Banshee

★ Changeling

★ Shtriga

★ Angel

★ Ogre

★ Unicorn

★ Vampire

★ Gnome

★ Ghost

★ Demon

★ Faerie

★ Harpy


Cross stitch kit includes:

★ Cross stitch pattern

★ DMC embroidery floss

★ Wood Pieces - 4 - Creature, side pieces & stand.

★ Tapestry needle

★ Beginner’s guide (basically everything you need to start stitching except scissors and a good movie!)



★ Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate

★ Uses full stitches, backstitching and french knots.



© 2022 The Witchy Stitcher

Finished stitches from purchased patterns and kits may not be sold, they are for personal use only.

Kit ~ Supernatural Wood Cuts

  • Items ship within 3-5 business days.

  • If you are unsatissfied with your kit I will happily refund or exchange your purchase.  Return shipping is at the expense of the buyer.

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